Answer Clinical Questions with the Most Current Evidence

Written and designed by a team of specialized physicians, DynaMed is a clinical reference tool which provides fast, easy access to the latest evidence-based information. 

Features Include:

  • Use of a strict, evidence-based editorial process
  • One-click access to full-text articles
  • Easy-to-read, bulleted format
  • Practice-changing updates
  • Ability to earn CMEs
  • Mobile and remote access
  • Alerts for updated topics
  • Clinical Calculators
  • Easy access from EHRs

DynaMed is the Foundation of DynaMed Plus

Most clinical information resources are online textbooks written by experts who make recommendations based on opinion and experience, rather than on empirical evidence. DynaMed is different. It’s a tool that has been developed by a community of clinicians who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis in an easily-digestible format.

Evidence-Based Methodology

The DynaMed methodology for creating content is based on evidence-based medicine principles and best practices with a commitment to providing unbiased information to help guide physicians in their decision-making process. One-click access to full-text articles makes it easy for users to read the original research. Designed to be interactive, DynaMed pushes information to users via alerts so they know when information has been updated. And best of all, DynaMed can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device or system including mobile devices, tablets and EHRs.

DynaMed for Educators

Residency programs gain significant value through the use of DynaMed and represent a large portion of its user base. As theory is put into practice, DynaMed plays a vital role in assisting residents as they formulate appropriate answers for patients. A simple, easy-to-use, mobile device-accessible interface allows timely extraction of information that helps residents provide the best care and information. With continuous availability, the database also provides a means for off-hour research and includes access to patient educational resources to help residents present medical information to patients in an easy-to-understand manner.

DynaMed Provides Practical Scholarly Effort Opportunities
Residents in all specialties are now expected to conduct scholarly effort during training. Traditional research and publication efforts do not routinely adapt to residency program schedules. Residents can co-review DynaMed topics with a supervising faculty member who has clinical practice experience. At DynaMed, we can tailor review opportunities to fit specific topics of interest and adjust deadlines to meet residency program schedules.

DynaMed Assists in Reaching Competency Requirements
In addition to the product itself, DynaMed provides additional resources for residency programs to reach competency objectives. These tools assist in attaining each of the six ACGME Competency requirements for Practice-Based Learning and Improvement.

The most effective way to demonstrate competency for accessing online medical information during patient care and to provide effective education is to integrate this process with actual practice-based answering of clinical questions, and DynaMed offers two documents to facilitate this achievement:

  • Resident Assignment Sheet for Answering Clinical Questions provides data capture for both resident and faculty records. By combining the activities of DynaMed peer review, evidence integration, critical appraisal, quality improvement and presentation, residents can complete a manageable project that demonstrates how all of these activities are inter-related.
  • A Practice-Based Learning Competency Tracker is offered to track both competency achievement and progression through this process.

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