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EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 29

Could elective inductions at 39 weeks in low-risk nulliparous women help neonates ARRIVE more quickly and more safely?

MBE em Foco - Volume 5, Issue 5

Opióides em longo prazo para dor musculoesquelética crônica podem não melhorar desfechos relacionados à dor em comparação com uma estratégia predominantemente sem opióides

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 28

NPH has similarly low risk of clinically meaningful hypoglycemia as more expensive basal insulin analogs in patients with type II diabetes, and may be more effective for lowering HbA1c

Resident Focus - Volume 13, Issue 3

Early introduction of allergenic foods in exclusively breast-fed infants does not appear to reduce incidence of food allergy at age 3 years compared to introduction at 6 months

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 27

Consider screening average-risk adults for colorectal cancer beginning at age 45

Resident Focus - Volume 13, Issue 2

Concurrent Use of Oxytocin Infusion with Foley Catheter May Increase Delivery Rate Within 24 Hours of Labor Induction in Women with Singleton Pregnancy

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 26

Childhood tonsil and/or adenoid removal may be associated with long-term increased risks of diseases related to immune function

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 25

USPSTF recommends informed patient preference to guide PSA screening

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 24

Adjuvant chemotherapy may not be beneficial in women having endocrine therapy for HR-positive / HER2-negative breast cancer with a moderate risk of recurrence

EBM Focus - Volume 13, Issue 23

Giving limited formula supplementation before abundant maternal milk production is established may not adversely impact breastfeeding

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