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EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 33

Vitamin D Supplementation Does Not Improve Functional Outcomes in Postmenopausal Women with Vitamin D Deficiency

MBE em Foco - Volume 2, Issue 13

Adição de tratamento intra-arterial aos cuidados habituais no prazo de 6 horas do início melhora os resultados funcionais em pacientes com acidente vascular cerebral isquê mico devido a oclusão intracraniana proximal da circulação anterior

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 32

Denosumab May Reduce the Risk of Fracture in Women with Breast Cancer Receiving Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy

Resident Focus - Volume 10, Issue 4

Dextrose Prolotherapy May Improve Pain, Stiffness and Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 31

Palliative Chemotherapy May Reduce Quality of Life in Patients with End-Stage Cancer and Good Performance Status

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 30

Medical Expulsion Therapy with Tamsulosin or Nifedipine Does Not Increase the Rate of Spontaneous Stone Passage in Adults with a Single Ureteric Stone

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 29

Very Early Mobilization of All Patients with Acute Stroke May Not Improve 3-Month Outcomes

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 28

Higher Rates of Mammography Screening Associated with Higher Rates of Breast Cancers, but not Associated with Decreased Breast Cancer Mortality

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 27

Surgery May Not Improve Survival in Women with Low-Grade Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

EBM Focus - Volume 10, Issue 26

Induction of Labor for Suspected Fetal Macrosomia Between 37 Weeks and 38 6/7 Weeks Gestational Age May Reduce Shoulder Dystocia

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