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EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 52

EBM Focus 2017 Year in Review

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 51

Very low-calorie diet leading to weight loss can induce remission of type 2 diabetes in the primary care setting

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 50

Fecal microbiota transplantation by oral capsules is as effective as infusion by colonoscopy for preventing recurrence of C. difficile infection in patients with recurrent infections

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 49

Addition of rivaroxaban to aspirin modestly reduces the risks of death and major cardiovascular events in adults with stable coronary artery disease, but increases the risk of major bleeding

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 10

Knee arthroscopy with debridement and/or partial meniscectomy may not improve short- or long-term pain, function or quality of life in patients with symptomatic degenerative knee disease

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 48

Thrombectomy 6-24 hours after onset of ischemic stroke may reduce disability in patients with evidence of salvageable brain tissue

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 46

PCI with drug-eluting stents in addition to optimized medical therapy might not increase exercise capacity at 6 weeks in adults with stable symptomatic single-vessel stenosis, and its effects on angina are unclear

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 45

Routine prophylactic oxygen supplementation may not reduce mortality or disability at 90 days in nonhypoxic patients with acute stroke

EBM Focus - Volume 12, Issue 44

Monthly naltrexone intramuscular injections to manage opioid dependence may be as effective as daily buprenorphine/naloxone tablets for treatment retention and opioid abstinence but may increase the risk of withdrawal-related adverse events

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 9

Fish oil supplementation during pregnancy may reduce the risk of persistent asthma or wheezing in children at 5 years of age

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