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Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 10

Knee arthroscopy with debridement and/or partial meniscectomy may not improve short- or long-term pain, function or quality of life in patients with symptomatic degenerative knee disease

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 8

Point-of-care lung ultrasound reduces the use of chest x-ray in children and may not increase missed cases of pneumonia

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 7

Probiotic Use May Reduce the Risk of Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea in Children

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 6

Non-operative management of grade III-V acromioclavicular joint dislocations may improve early function and allow for earlier return to work compared to operative plate fixation

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 5

Varenicline may safely increase rates of tobacco cessation and abstinence compared to nicotine replacement therapy and bupropion

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 4

Oral nifedipine may decrease risk of neonatal death, persistent maternal hypertension, and maternal adverse events compared to IV labetalol in pregnant women with severe hypertension

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 3

Probiotics may prevent acute upper respiratory infection in children

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 2

Targeted omalizumab before beginning of school year may reduce exacerbations in children with severe asthma

Resident Focus - Volume 12, Issue 1

In patients with treatment-resistant hypertension, addition of spironolactone to standard antihypertensive therapy appears effective for reducing systolic blood pressure, and may be more effective than addition of either bisoprolol or doxazosin

Resident Focus - Volume 11, Issue 7

Telephone-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may be Associated with Greater Symptom Reduction than Telephone-Delivered Nondirective Therapy in Older Rural-Residing Adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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