The DynaMed Story

In 1993, Brian S. Alper, MD, MSPH, FAAFP was a medical student at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia and needed to prepare for a career in medicine. Much of his medical education revolved around memorizing medicine, but Dr. Alper recognized early on that it was nearly impossible to retrieve the important nuggets of information needed when he was seeing patients. Looking up information in a textbook just wasn’t practical at the point-of-care. So, Dr. Alper began to organize information to be easily accessible when he needed it.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Alper recognized that other medical students, residents and physicians could benefit from the information he had acquired. In 1995, Dr. Alper created DynaMed with a mission of providing the most useful information to healthcare professionals at the point-of-care. Dr. Alper developed a systematic evidence-based process to keep information current and provided DynaMed free on the Internet. Physicians around the world who were committed to practicing evidence-based medicine wanted to contribute to DynaMed. Hundreds of physicians participated in reviewing DynaMed content and provided feedback and input. The adoption of DynaMed expanded rapidly as physicians looked to DynaMed for the most current evidence. In 2002, DynaMed became a subscription service to support sustainable growth.

In 2005, EBSCO Health acquired DynaMed. EBSCO Health has a long history of providing clinical decision support solutions, healthcare business intelligence, medical journals, medical e-books and medical reference information to hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide. This partnership allowed Dr. Alper and the DynaMed editorial leadership team to provide evidence-based clinical information to healthcare organizations around the world.

Today, DynaMed is considered the most current, evidence-based clinical information resource available.

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