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Independent studies from the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, McMaster University and BMJ have ranked DynaMed higher than other clinical reference services in its category. These studies directly compared several well-known, point-of-care reference resources. From the reports, study findings showed that DynaMed is the clear leader in the disease reference resource category, and results have identified DynaMed as the most current evidence-based point-of-care reference database.

British Medical Journal

Speed of updating online evidence-based point-of-care summaries
Prospective cohort analysis

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Rapid updates of new clinical studies and evidence-based guidelines
Prospective cohort study

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Consistency of treatment recommendations in online clinical references
Cross­-sectional analysis


Reports on clinical decision support resources

Journal of Medical Ethics

Conflict of interest in online point-of-care clinical support websites

Journal of the Medical Library Association

Developing and using a rubric for evaluating evidence-based medicine point-of-care tools


EBSCO Health's clinical reference support continues to advance

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