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Independent studies have ranked DynaMed higher than other clinical reference services in its category. These studies directly compared several well-known, point-of-care reference resources. Study findings have showed that DynaMed is the most current evidence-based point-of-care reference database.

British Medical Journal

Speed of updating online evidence-based point-of-care summaries
Prospective cohort analysis

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Rapid updates of new clinical studies and evidence-based guidelines
Prospective cohort study

Journal of Medical Internet Research

Consistency of treatment recommendations in online clinical references
Cross­-sectional analysis

Journal of Medical Ethics

Conflict of interest in online point-of-care clinical support websites

Journal of the Medical Library Association

Developing and using a rubric for evaluating evidence-based medicine point-of-care tools

Journal of the Medical Library Association

Rural providers' access to online resources Randomized controlled trial


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