What drives our efforts at DynaMed

DynaMed’s primary mission is to improve healthcare outcomes by continuously updating and providing the most accurate, evidence-based content. We do this by closely and daily monitoring advances in medical knowledge and updating appropriately when new information indicates the need for changes in practice. We are fully dedicated to transparency in the quality of evidence, the strength of recommendations, and the rigor and efficiency of our editorial development and review processes.

A million new research articles are published globally in any given year and hundreds of clinical practice guidelines are also updated. It is impossible for the individual practicing clinician to independently keep up with the tides of change. Compounding the challenge is the variable quality of studies, requiring clinicians to not only keep up with what’s new and newsworthy, but also to evaluate the trustworthiness of new findings before incorporating them into practice.

Every day at DynaMed, a multidisciplinary team of physicians and methodologists comb emergent scientific literature with a view to identifiying clinically-relevant information, determining its reliability, and synthesizing it into the current body of knowledge presented on DynaMed. Additionally, clinical practice guidelines from across the globe are monitored daily and incorporated into DynaMed’s content.

DynaMed clinical content is developed and regularly reviewed under the direction of our Deputy Editors, through a rigorous writing and review process that includes methodologists, physician experts/specialists, and those expert in evidence-based medicine.

Our aim is that DynaMed users always be confident they are using the most current and objective information to support their health care decision-making.