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EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 29

Addition of Steroids to Epidural Lidocaine Injection May Not Reduce Disability or Pain at 6-12 Weeks in Patients With Spinal Stenosis

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 28

Letrozole Associated With Increased Live Birth Rate Compared to Clomiphene Citrate in Women With Anovulatory Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 27

Antibiotic Prophylaxis May Reduce Recurrent Febrile or Symptomatic UTI in Children With Vesicoureteral Reflux

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 26

Pelvic Exam Not Recommended for Screening Asymptomatic Nonpregnant Women

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 25

In Patients With Unexplained Abdominal Pain After Cholecystectomy, Sphincterotomy Does Not Reduce Disability Due to Pain

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 24

Dalbavancin and Oritavancin Each Have Similar Efficacy to Vancomycin in Patients with Serious Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 23

Physical Therapy With Unsupervised Home Exercise Does Not Reduce Pain or Improve Function in Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Hip Osteoarthritis Pain

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 22

Topical Tetracaine for Home Use Not Associated With Delayed Corneal Healing or Increased Symptom Rates at 48 Hours in Patients With Corneal Abrasion

EBM Focus - Volume 9, Issue 21

CAM-S Severity Score May Help Predict 90-Day Mortality and Length of Hospital Stay in Hospitalized Patients ≥ 70 Years Old Without Delirium

EBM Focus, Volume 9, Issue 20

Compared to Amoxicillin, Levofloxacin and Azithromycin Each Associated With Increased Mortality and Risk of Serious Cardiac Arrhythmia in Older Men

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