Integration Methods

There are multiple integration options for accessing DynaMed via electronic health record (EHR) systems. We’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Embedded Link

Implementing a link on a toolbar or dropdown menu within the EHR allows clinicians easy access to DynaMed. A link can be added to any other portion of the EHR that allows access to external resources. Clicking this link will bring the user directly to the main search page in DynaMed.

Example URLs:

  • DynaMed Plus URL:,uid&profile=dynamedplus
  • DynaMed URL:,uid&profile=dynamed

Syntax Key

  • Base URL: This is the base URL for all EBSCO Health products
  • Authentication: EBSCO Health will detect an authorized IP address, and if none is found the user will be prompted to enter a username and password. Note – when no IP is registered, EBSCO Health can provide a URL with the credentials embedded within the URL to avoid a login prompt.
  • Profile: Syntax to direct user to specific instance of DynaMed

Example placement

HL7 Infobutton API

The HL7 Infobutton allows clinical information systems to request context-specific clinical information from online tools such as DynaMed. HL7 Infobutton access is included in every DynaMed subscription at no additional cost. An overview of the standard can be found on the HL7 site, here:

EBSCO Health provides access to the EBSCO Infobutton Manager which assists in the passage, translation, and retrieval of patient-specific terms, diseases, conditions, medications, etc. from EBSCO Health products. The EBSCO Infobutton Manager supports all standard coding systems including ICD-9, ICD-10 and SNOMED-CT for patient conditions, RxNORM & NDC for drugs and LOINC for lab tests.

HL7 Infobutton access is included in every DynaMed subscription at no additional cost. It’s important to note that access options will vary from system to system so be sure to check with your vendor to determine which options are available at your institution.

Example URLs:

  • DynaMed URL:
  • DynaMed Plus URL:

Syntax Key

  • Base URL: This is the base URL for the EBSCO HL7 API
  • HL7 Translator: Routes the request to the EBSCO HL7 Infobutton Manager
  • DM/DMP: Directs the search to the appropriate product – DynaMed/DynaMed Plus

EBSCO Health HL7 Technical Spec:

Interactive tool: Build a sample request and view the output:

Search Box Widget

A DynaMedsearch widget embedded within the EHR makes it easy to perform a free text search for any topic. EBSCO Health provides the basic HTML code for this widget, so that it can be embedded within the EHR.

Widget code can be provided by EBSCO Health directly, or can be generated here:

Web Services API

An API is a real-time web service that enables customized and contextually based searches of clinical content directly from the EHR system.

  • Push/pull method
  • Direct links to specific content within a topic (i.e. diagnosis, treatment)
  • Flexible style sheet control enables customized look and feel

View .war Web Application file

Download Java client library