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Acute Gastritis

General Information

General InformationGeneral Information


  • acute gastritis is characterized by alteration of gastric mucosa including hyperplasia, erosive changes, and inflammation (which may be minor)1
  • acute gastritis is generally grouped into 3 categories: infectious, ulcero-hemorrhagic, or secondary to drugs, oncologic protocol, or caustic agents (chemical/reactive)1
  • see Chronic Gastritis for information on other causes such as autoimmune, collagenous, eosinophilic, lymphocytic, or granulomatous gastritis among others


  • gastritis refers to irritation, injury, or inflammation of gastric mucosal lining, but definition is sometimes limited to gastric inflammation; and in clinical practice, gastritis has sometimes been used to refer to acute symptoms of nausea and vomiting prior to an underlying diagnosis3
  • gastropathy may be used to refer to gastric mucosal injury without inflammation3

Also called

  • gastropathy
  • non-atrophic gastritis
  • stress-related mucosal disease, a type of acute gastritis, is also known as
    • ulcero-hemorrhagic gastritis
    • stress ulcer/ulceration
    • stress erosions
    • stress gastritis
    • acute erosive gastritis
    • gastric erosion
    • acute hemorrhagic and erosive gastropathy
    • ulcers due to stress-related mucosal disease
      • referred to as Curling's ulcer in patients with burns
      • referred to as Cushing ulcers in patients with brain trauma or increased intracranial pressure
  • caustic or chemical gastritis, a type of acute gastritis, is also known as
    • iatrogenic gastritis
    • drug and chemotherapy gastritis
    • reactive gastritis
  • reactive gastropathy is also known as chemical gastropathy



General references used

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